राज दरबार…..

साद घालतो रानवारा….. !

गुगल फोन ( ड्रीम) !

आज गुगल ने आपला गुगल फोन ड्रीम बझार मध्ये उतारला 😉

किमत कमी वाटत आहे आयफोन पेक्षा $१९९ (रु. ९००० च्या आसपास)

१. Gphone will have a tilt sensor for gaming and a camera.

२. ३जी नेटवर्क साठी उपयुक्त !

३. वेगवान महाजाल समर्थक

४. जीपीएस सपोर्ट (थर्ड पार्टी)

५. ‘open platform’ वर आधारीत प्रणाली आहे युनीकोड ला सपोर्ट करु शकतो !

A slick communications suite, including “push” GMail, Google Calendars, and IM. Basically a consumer-oriented BlackBerry service. Perhaps some sort of built-in file syncing between a PC/Mac, the cloud, and your phone — like Apple’s MobileMe, but free, ad-supported… and functional.

Some buy-in from big game studios like Electronic Arts (ERTS). We’re surprised how much time we’ve spent playing games on the iPhone; Spore, for example, is an addictive time suck. We’re ready for more.

A Web browser that’s fine-tuned to rock Google’s Web services, like Google Docs.

Video recording that can upload straight to YouTube.

A way to sync the Android phone with our Mac/PC that’s as simple and elegant as Apple’s iTunes. No one has come close. (Ideally via wifi/3G, in addition to USB.)

“Visual voicemail” that transcribes your voicemail into an email.

Copy and paste. Seriously.

भारतात येणाची वाट पाहत आहे 😉


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